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I haven’t really been feeling my classwork as of late so here’s an update! Sketches ranging from the beginning of the year to last week. I picked a few pages people may enjoy (the bulk of my sketchbook comprises of class notes and thumbnails that only I can read soooo)

All done in black ball point pen, a few pink copics, and Faber-Castell 20% Cold/Warm Grey brush pens.

Is this magnificent or what.

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I might make a longer post about this someday but I really feel like the Sansa I read in the books is a different Sansa to how a lot of her fans interpret her

like, ‘it’s not in her nature to be hateful, she doesn’t hate anyone’?????? this was in reference to show!Sansa but even so… in the books she definitely hates a whole bunch of people (literally thinks ‘how I hate her’ about Cersei and that’s just the one example I can immediately think of)

I honestly don’t get the obsession with Sansa’s ability to be compassionate despite having awful experiences, because in no way is that unique within the series? in fact her arc isn’t even driven by her compassion, unlike with, say, Daenerys

Sansa’s ‘niceness’ isn’t by any means her defining feature. in fact we’re given a number of examples where she isn’t particularly nice???? surprise, she’s a multifaceted character! I’m just really tired of the hand-wringing about her niceness being sacrificed which ofc would be inevitable if she was ever manipulative or ambitious or… idk, anything a ‘good woman’ shouldn’t be I guess. it’s shitty that some people only care about female characters if they’re Badass Strong Women (tm) and I get the backlash against turning Sansa into that trope but I definitely get some equally sexist vibes from the ‘Sansa must be both a moral saint and completely powerless or she’ll no longer be good!’ crowd

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